Why you should join MREE. . . .

What is access to years of professional experiences, knowledge about problem solving and solutions to a multitude of real estate issues worth to you?

Who Should join? All persons interested in real estate wealth building, investment, ownership, brokerage, acquisition strategies and creative real estate solutions are welcome to join. MREE offers you the chance to meet other like-minded seasoned professionals in one concentrated and focused organization.

If you have a passion for real estate, access to the latest trends in property ownership and investment strategies then MREE is perfect for you. We often hear from newer members that MREE is worth every dollar of membership. Where else can they find such a collaboratiove group of skilled real estate people & resources?

MREE's membership dues are "without a doubt" the lowest of all professional real estate organizations in Minnesota. The access to information, skilled professionals and resources is so bountiful it defies comparison.  Try it for 1 year and we think you will be convinced.