About Minnesota Real Estate Exchangors

MREE is about Networking and Deal Making!

Some may consider attending networking meetings of little value in this 'Electronic Age' because real estate information so easily accessed. Many take it for granted that they can do their investigations and make their decisions on a desktop. How wrong-headed is that?

Lack of ‘personal contact’ is the missing ingredient and a major reason many deals do not get done. “Real Estate is a Contact Sport”.  

MREE has members with widely diverse backgrounds, e.g.: investors, sellers, buyers, real estate licensees, attorneys, title companies, experts at 1031’s, bankers and the list goes on in other specialties. At a MREE Event, you’ll interact with more people and often hear about more deals at one meeting than you will the rest of your week. If you are serious about real estate investment and doing transactions you need to be a MREE member.

MREE meets twice a month to share opportunities, exchange useful information, get educated on important topics and interact with others  ‘Face-to-Face’. If MREE Members do not know how to help, they know someone who can help.

For questions, you may reach the chapter administrator at [email protected] or the Chapter President, Scott Miller at 651-283-6803 or [email protected]