Minnesota Real Estate Exchangors

Minnesota Real Estate Exchangors (MREE) is THE real estate and business networking organization for real estate investors, property owners, licensed real estate professionals, allied vendors, and trusted advisors.

MREE is for anyone with an interest in owning, selling or exchanging investment real estate, capital equipment, equities, notes, or business opportunities. 

MREE meets twice monthly for Networking, Education, Marketing and Deal Making. Creative solutions to transaction problems, a treasure load of experience and information makes MREE a unique organization you will want to join. 

At meetings those in attendance have the opportunity to present properties (Haves) and requests for specific opportunities (Wants) as well as doing networking with other professionals from financial, legal, real estate and related industries. 

You will find a wealth of knowledge to draw on from MREE members who willingly share their insights and skills gained from years of extensive deal-making experiences. If you have many years of experience or are just starting your career you should check out MREE. You can stay in touch with MREE. Get notices for meetings and events. Choose LinkedIn, Twitter or Email.

MREE promotes and encourages education about real estate ownership, taxation issues, real estate investment and wealth building. MREE was established in 1962 and is one of the oldest real estate exchange groups in the nation.

Not a MREE Member yet? Interested? Before joining interested visitors may attend once a year for free. A non-member may attend a second meeting for $30. After that they can no longer "visit" and will have to join. 

For questions, you may reach the chapter administrator at [email protected] or the Chapter President, Scott Miller at 651-283-6803 or [email protected]


May 19, 2021
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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