MREE Member's 'Want' List
Todays Date: 9/23/2017
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List NumberWant DescriptionsContact NameCompany NamePhone NumberClick to Send Email
49People who are tired of tenants in small residential buildings. (See Have #127)Jim BinghamKontor Realty Group LLC651-388-7249
4845,000/50,000SF stand alone building in the western burb buy or leaseJan StrandExit Realty Nexus*
52We have a 1031 buyer $1.2 open to exchange ideas property will close early 2018 so they have some time to ID Jan StrandExit Realty Nexus*
51hotels to be updated and hotels to be converted they like the small communities 50+ roomJan StrandExit Realty Nexus*
5345,000/50,000SF stand-alone building in the western burbs buy or leaseJan StrandExit Realty Nexus*
50Full time (or close) property management work for my daughter with 6 years' experience in the field. Would also work well in a real estate office capacity. (My NNN leased properties do not remotely fill her time.) See "Have" # 128Jim BinghamKontor Realty Group LLC651-388-7249
47A cash flowing investment property valued at less than $900,000. Open to well located SFHS (especially foreclosures), maybe a value-add venture or small commercial. (See "Have" # 124)Jim BinghamKontor Realty Group LLC651-388-7249